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KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2020

KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2019
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The world best and famous fast food restaurant based in Kentucky is widely known as KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The founder was already running his own restaurant at his hometown. He invested more time in studying hard about the Fried Chicken technologies and invented 11 great spices and secret recipe for unique cooking technologies.

KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2019
KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2020

KFC’s most favorite and popular product is Fried Chicken because of their secret recipe. The founder says that the traditional method was time-consuming to prepare the best fried chicken.

However, they tried with multiple ways and found that cooking fried chicken under pressure cooker is the best way and can retain the recipe taste for their users.

Even reviewers say that the chicken is most delicious while cooking using the pressure cooker. Because of the secret recipe, KFC becomes the world first biggest fast-food restaurant for Fried Chicken.

KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2019
KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2020

More than 500 KFC restaurants are operating nationwide and still more in the pipeline. However, the worst case is a few doctors reported that KFC Fried chicken will increase the heart disease risk because of adding hydrogenated oil on their food products.

KFC Menu Lists:

Please find below the Menu list offered by KFC restaurants in Dubai:

KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2019
KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2020

KFC Treats – Caramel Fudge Kream Ball, Indulgent Chocolate Kream Ball, Skittles Krushems, Milkybar Krushems, Oreo Krushems, and Maltesers Krushems.

KFC Drinks – Tea, Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, Vanilla or Caramel Latte, Americano, Pepsi Bottled Drink contains 1.5 Ltr, Pepsi Large Cup, Pepsi Regular Cup, 1.5 Ltr Bottled Drink, Carbonated Drink Large Cup, Carbonated Drink Small Cup, Tropicana, and Fruit Shoot.

KFC Extras – Corn Cobette Large Cup, Corn Cobette Regular Cup, Gravy Large Cup, Gravy Regular Cup, BBQ Beans Large Cup, BBQ Regular Cup, Coleslaw Large Cup, Coleslaw Regular Cup, Fries Large pack and Fries Regular pack.

KFC Meal Box – Variety Meals 2 pieces, Popcorn Chicken Regular Cup and including Drink & Fries.

KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2020
KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2020

KFC Snacking – Flamin Wrap, BBQ Wrap, Popcorn Chicken Regular Cup, Popcorn Chicken Small Cup, Mini Fillet Burger, and 2 Hot Wings.

KFC Individual Items – Big Daddy Burger, Four Boneless Dips, Three Boneless Dips, Popcorn Chicken Large Cup, Three Chicken pieces, Two Chicken pieces, and One Chicken piece.

KFC Kids Meals – Mini Fillet Meal and Popcorn Meal.

KFC Wraps and Burritos – Zinger Burrito, Fillet Burrito, Zinger Twister Wrap, and Fillet Twister Wrap.

KFC Bucket Sharing – Wicket Variety Bucket contains 4 Mini Fillets & 10 Chicken pieces, Wicket Variety Bucket contains 4 Mini Fillets & 6 Chicken pieces, Bargain Bucket – 14 Chicken pieces, Bargain Bucket – 10 Chicken pieces, Bargain Bucket – 6 Chicken pieces, Party Bucket, Dipping Boneless Feast contains 12 Mini Fillets Dips Bar, Dipping Boneless Feast contains 8 Mini Fillets Dips Bar, Family Feast 10 Chicken pieces, and Family Feast 6 pieces.

KFC Meals for One – Boneless Banquet, 3 pieces Boneless Dips, 4 pieces Boneless Dips, Mighty Bucket, 2 Chicken pieces, 3 Chicken pieces, and including Chicken, Drink, & Fries.

KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2020
KFC Menu Prices and Price List Dubai 2020

KFC Rice Boxes and Salads – Zinger Salad, Original Recipe Salad, Zinger Rice box, and Original Recipe Rice box.

KFC Box Meals – Big Daddy Burger, One piece Chicken, One Side dish, Large Fries or Drink. Cheese & Bacon, and One piece Chicken. Zinger and 2 Hot Wings. Fillet and One piece Chicken. Also includes Chicken, Fries, Burger, Drink, and Side dish.

KFC Burger Meals – Zinger Tower or Fillet Tower, Zinger, Fillet, Cheese & Bacon, and including Fries, Burger, and Drink.

KFC Dubai – Halal

Everyone would like to know whether KFC in Dubai is serving Halal foods. The answer is Yes, they are serving 100 percent Halal food to their customers.

They are one of the most efficient and largest delivery networks which can deliver their food anywhere in UAE even in Dubai. KFC is the best competitor for both Pizza Hut & McDonalds in UAE’s fast food dining market.

KFC follow their best quality practices to groom their business. Across seven emirates they are delivering food anywhere.

All the food prepared in KFC are using fresh ingredients and they are freshly prepared throughout all the outlets. As per Islamic laws, Slaughter is strictly followed and all the chicken prepared in KFC is 100 percent Halal.

A few Islamic scholars say that they are not following the proper purpose of Halal cutting.

Since they are using Machine cutting and not praying for each bird. But as per Science & Technology, Islamic laws accept the machine killing concept.

KFC Dubai Price List

Please find below the KFC price list in Dubai. Dinner Meal charged at 24 AED, Twister Box at 20 AED, Zinger Box at 25.5 AED, Mighty Zinger Box at 30.5 AED, Chicken 4 pieces & Strips Meals at 23.5 AED, Mighty Bucket for One at 27.5 AED, Rice Bowl with 2 Chicken pieces at 22.5 AED, 21 Chicken pieces Bucket at 120 AED, 15 Chicken pieces Bucket at 88.5 AED, and 9 Chicken pieces Bucket at 67.5 AED.

The other ranges of Snacks and rolls are listed below:

 Snacker at 10 AED, Go Cup at 10.5 AED, Snack Box at 13 AED, Munch Box at 15 AED, Twister Roll at 14 AED, Box Master at 23.5 AED, Mighty Zinger at 23.5 AED, Original Zinger at 20 AED, and Supreme at 22.5 AED.

The total price may vary depending upon your choice. Take away will be charged higher than Dine-in cost. The packaging charges are extra and charges are applicable for each product.

Most of the online websites are providing multiple offers to deliver KFC foods to your doorstep. Many foods delivering companies like Swiggy, Zomato is closely working with KFC outlets and deliver the food on-time to their customers.

They also promise that the delivered food will be fresh and hot during the delivery time. If your food was delivered late then the food delivering company will take full control and refund the entire amount back to the customers and offer another free delivery to retain them. We suggest that the food delivering companies are trying hard to deliver the food at the earliest to achieve their name in the market.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand about Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and their menus and price list in Dubai location.

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