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KFC Menu Prices Dubai, UAE

KFC Menu Prices Dubai, UAE
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Kentucky Fried Chicken, commonly called as KFC is an American based restaurant which is well-known for fried chicken all around the world.

Its headquarters are based in Louisville, Kentucky.

KFC is the largest fast food restaurant after Mcdonals. It is a very popular fast food chain among 136 countries. Colonel Harland is the founder of KFC he began to sell fried chicken alongside road, in Corbin, Ketch, after being a depressed person.

Colonel was keenly interested in concepts of franchise so he opened one in UTAH after great popularity of his road side restaurant.

He invest in this business with many other business tycoons. He used his face as brands identification and till now KFC has image of him as a prominent person of American fast food network KFC was the first and largest American fast food house which expanded so much and readily.

After UDAH, Colonel opened it in many western countries like Canada, Mexico, Jamaica and United Nations.

Throughout 70s and 80s it faced a lot of ups and downs and was sold to many companies including sprite and Pepsi.

This fast food chain began to expand overseas and got a great popularity there. It expanded in China fastly as compare to other countriues. KFC is subsidiary of YUM!

The original product of KFC is FRIED CHICKEN served with, Sander recipe of eleven herbs and spices.

The ingredients of this recipe have a secret. A bucket is used to serve the fried chicken to customers. After 1990s, the menu of KFC expanded and other notable chicken items are added in it especially the HAM BURGER.


            KFC is mostly advertised as “FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD”, “NOBODY DOES CHICKEN LIKE KFC” and “SO GOOD”


            The founder of KFC, Harland Sanders was born in 1890.At the age of five his father passes away so he was the elder son who has to earn and care for his family along with his mom.

On his work His mom told him many recipes. When after many years of struggle and some successful jobs Harland had enough money to buy himself a gas station he opened a café there and started to sell fried chicken.

He was tired and upset because his customers had to weight 30 to 45 minutes for their deal and he didn’t wanted to already deep fry because according to him this will change the taste and will result in wastage of product.

IN 1930s the pressure cooker was released in market for the first time so he bought one and used it for frying this resulted in cooking of chicken within less time.

Harland sold his café and from this, money he travelled to America to open his franchise. There he sell his special recipe which is called sander s recipe of eleven herbs and spices.

He never told this recipe publicly but said that these were things from our chicken counter. In 1960 there were about 600 KFC restaurants along United States, it introduced variety in market by adding special ham burger.

By 1991 the KFC was official name of this food chain after being sold to different higher restaurants.

At first the KFC stores used cooking pots to deep fry their chicken. But in 1960 kfc developed its own cooker called as “KFC 20-HEAD COOKER”.

The company was facing a lot of loss by 2015, they lost many business retailers but by the end 2016 it started to grow again.


Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) is under YUM! Which is one the largest restaurant house across the globe. According to a survey by 2013, December KFC had 18,875 outlets in 118 countries of world, China has 4563 franchises of KFC, United Stated has 4491 and other 9821 are across the globe. These outlets or franchises are owned by company .The company allows fast expansion of the outlets.

These outlets or franchises are owned by company .The company allows fast expansion of the outlets.


The outlets or franchises are interiorly decorated with owner’s Harland pictures or some other beautiful painting and quotation.


You can sit and enjoy the meal in the outlets or can take away with them. They also provide delivery so you can enjoy food t your homes or wherever you want.


Mostly the building of Kentucky fried chicken are in petrol station, public parks, colleges or universities and stadiums so you can enjoy them during different sports.

  • Different outlet in different countries is given below:


            There is lac of suppliers in Africa due to it being a developing company but KFC is trying its best to expand through the continent. And slowly it is gaining success


            KFC began to grow in different countries of Asia readily. It became the largest food chain after MacDonald in almost no time. Some countries of Asia which are enjoying the taste of KFC are:


In the majestic city of SRI LANKA kick was opened first in 1995. Now there are almost 25 kick fast food restaurants in Sri Lanka.


            The very first franchise of KFC was opened in Singapore in 1977.KFC firstly introduced nuggets in Singapore as compare to other countries of Asia. The kick OD Singapore is under the control of KENTCKY FRIED CHIKEN MALAYSIA.


            This country parted from Pakistan and grow much after partition and gained success in many fields. According to a survey of 2016 which was held in June, this country have 19 KFC franchises.


            In 2008, KFC introduced its first franchise here.


            In 2015 Kufic opened its first outlet here.


            KFC end in Pakistan consists of various burgers, nuggets, fries, rice and shakes or drinks. This county has eighteen countries with more than sixty-eight franchises of Kentucky fried chicken. These cities include Islamabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, Karachi, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, sukkur, murree4 and so on.


            KFC opened its first store in this country by the end of 1985. It is the country with largest numbers of outlets with more than 100 by the time of 1999.Axording to survey of 2017 this is the third arrest fast food restaurant here with more than 137 outlets


            It is the largest fast food chain in China. BY, 2015 it had 5003 outlets. These were under the instructions of yum! China. It was opened in Beijing, China, IN 1987.Kfc introduced variety of dishes in china including Rice and fungi related dishes.


            KFC was opened in Bangalore, India it was a two story building and a big controversy for company and it results in a great loss for company. Local restaurants and, any peasants challenged this company. After some time this was closed by HIGHT Court base it was accused of using comical which are unhealthy for humans but it reopened after sometime because they gave evidence that the company uses all the healthy chemicals which are used in all other braches BY now there are about 450 franchises of KFC in India.


            In 1970, KFC foist opened its branch in Japan. They began to promote fried chicken as a Christmas Eve deal from then onward fried chicken became the custom their on Christmas eve. According to research of 2013 Japan have 1200 franchise of Kentucky fried chicken.


 The first outlet of KFC was opened in Kuala Lumpur on 1st January, 1973 and it is the biggest overseas market.KFC was crowned as largest fastest food chain hose in Malaysia in 2016 according to a report. KFC offers localized and seasonal foods here.


It has large number of KFC outlets and franchises.


In United Kingdom by December of 2013 there were recorded 784 franchises of KFC.Different big food companies began to purchase the KFC fried items and started to sell them in other countires.This all gave a great profit to KFC outlets. The annual amount of sales of chicken at KFC is 60,000 metric tons of chicken. KFC started its business here before nearly decade ago.


            Kentucky fried chicken is popular in here but it doesn’t have any outlets running yet in here but they have planned to open 50 franchises by the end of 2019.


            The first Middle East country to have KFC was Kuwait. It opened it 1973 there. At present there are nearly 700 outlets around the middle east of KFC. KFC offers hale food here and the countries hitch have outlets or franchises running of KFC are United Arb Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman,Jordan,Lebanon, Morocco, Iraq,Saudia Arabia,Egypt.



            Kentucky Fried Chicken actually started from United States. This food chain was in competition with other fast food brands such as: pizza hut and yum! After great success of KFC they began to use cheap oil in case of vegetable oil. This cheap oil started to become the reason of obesity and many cardiovascular diseases so it got banned. After 2000 KFC was names as aged Food chain which was not providing any new food item but now it had started to grow faster again.


            The first fast food chain restaurant ever opened in Mexico was Kentucky fries chicken (KFC). By the end of 2017 there were almost 341 outlets of Kufic in Mexico.


             Oceania is a continent which consists of countries which are considered as islands. The first and far most American style restaurant to ever

Open in Australia and New Zealand was KFC. By the end of 2018 Australia has 600 outlets of KFC and New Zealand has 100moutkets of KFC.


            KFC is directly operated by YUM! In Australia.

New Zealand:

            In 1971, KFC opened its first branch in New Zealand. At first there were almost 37 outlets of KFC in New Zealand. But now there are almost 100 outlets of KFC in New Zealand.


            The core product of KFC is fried chicken which is fried in pressure and which is seasoned with Colonel Harland Sander’s secret recipe of eleven herbs and spices. The fried chicken is mostly available for two or three serving or family boxes and these family boxes hold 6 to 16 pieces of chicken which included chicken legs, nugget, breast pieces, keel, drumstick, and thigh. The product is fully mixed with flour by the help of hands. The policy of KFC is to discard the chicken which is not fresh. The menu and tastes of food vary from region to region according to die of different oils. KFC have 300 different menus round the globe according to taste and region of UK and US grilled chicken I selled in larges amount. In Asia, Fresh zinger burger is served a lot and in some locations of US fried livers and gizzards are also served.KFC also have served and is still serving a lot of seafood in Japan, Jamiaca,Exuador etc.


            10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (You can dine in here)

NOTE: RAMDAN timings may vary.


            Halal food is also available. And Gluten-Free options is also there.


  • Reservation is although nearly impossible here but still kit is available.
  • Outdoor seating for guests is made with unique style.
  • A large area for parking is available
  • Free internet service (WIFI) is available.
  • Wheel chairs for handicaps are available.
  • Full Bar is present for customer’s enjoyment.


            KFC is well known for Fast food, burgers, and fried chicken.


            Meals for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks and dinner are available at KFC.


KFC offer as a core chicken. The major products of this fast food include chicken burgers, wraps, and a variety of finger foods which includes strips chicken and hot wings. The menu vary according to country, here are list of some common foods available at KFC.


  • Snaker
  • Veggie burger
  • Hit & crisp burger
  • Hot & crisp Fillet
  • Zinger burger
  • KFC Chicken charger
  • KFC Griller


  • Twister
  • Popcorn
  • BBQ steak
  • Sawan
  • French fries
  • Macroni and cheese
  • Mashed potato & cheese
  • Corn on the cob


  • Chicken sandwich
  • Zinger sandwich


  • Salad without chicken


  • Popcorn chicken
  • Nuggets
  • Chicken strips


  • Hot wings
  • Honey BBQ


  • 5-in-1 Rice box
  • 5-in-1 Zinger Box


  • Hot & crispy
  • Dips bucket


  • Fruitzers
  • Crunchy

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