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McDonalds Chicken & Fish Prices Dubai, UAE

McDonalds Chicken & Fish Prices Dubai
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Looking for the best chicken and fish menu in your locality? If your answer is YES, then search for your nearby McDonalds and get the best Chicken and Fish price menu there.

It’s about appetite and when it comes to non-veg having crispy sandwiches in the menus would be just the right option that one can ever make it.

So if you are a chicken or fish lover and are looking for the best place hang out with your friends order your favorite items from McDonald’s now at lowest prices ever.

Fillet-O-Fish is one of the most favored non-veg sandwich options that have unchanged for decades in the menu.

The menu has widened up a lot but their basics that are flavor, taste, and crunch remain the same.

McChicken is still there in the list along with the latest addition of 10 different more versions to it.

You are free to order flavors and bases of your choice at McDonald’s. The choice is yours, whether you are willing to have fried or grilled chicken perfectly placed in between the freshly prepared buns.

Moreover, you also have the option of deciding toppings of your taste.

McDonalds Chicken & Fish Prices Dubai
McDonalds Chicken & Fish Prices Dubai

Wraps were not involved in the main menu a few years later. But as they have successfully introduced, you can easily find about ten different versions there in the list and that too in your favorite chicken and fish menu.

McDonalds Chicken and Fish Price Menu

Availability of a vast non-veg menu is not only the limit here. But the updated menu prices and affordability are something else that makes it even more appealing.

The prices of the McDonalds menu may get vary from state to state or as per the franchise, but the basic is still there with same flavors, taste, and crunch.

Variations are welcomed here, but only those that people love to have.

People love to visit McDonalds time and again, it’s not only about the taste, but it’s the trust and credibility as well that the brand has earned over the hard work and services of decades.

Item Price
10 piece Chicken McNuggets $4.79
20 piece Chicken McNuggets $5.00
Artisn Grilled Chicken $4.99
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken $4.99
Filet-O-Fish $4.99
MChicken $1.39
Premium Bacon Ranch Salad (w/Grilled or Crispy Chicken) $5.39
Premium Caesar Salad (w/Grilled or Crispy Chicken) $5.39
Premium Southwest Salad (w/Grilled or Crispy Chicken) $5.39

The menu and the price lists we have summed up here are prepared under keen observation, and any changes may relate to the current updates only.

Moreover, if you are a vegetarian, you are also welcomed here at McDonald’s with a wide range of veg. Menu.

Assured quality and best services are the key aspects that make McDonald’s stand out of the crowd. McDonald’s better knows how important your health is and that is the same reason, hygiene is also the term we can on the storefronts of this brand. You are supposed to serve freshly prepared bread here along with all other newly developed ingredients.

You are supposed to serve freshly prepared bread here along with all other newly developed ingredients.

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