The Menu of KFC, Prices in Dubai 2020

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KFC is the globally best and known fast food restaurant present in Kentucky and is also said to be as Kentucky Fried Chicken. The founder of this fast food restaurant has his own restaurant at Kentucky that is his hometown. He took a lot of time to investigate and study about the technologies of fried chicken and end up with more than 10 ultimate spices and some secret recipes for exclusive cooking results.

The most favorable and known item of KFC is its fried chicken because of the secret spices and secret recipes. Its founder mentioned that the traditional recipe always took extra time to made ultimate quality fried chicken.

In regard to the secret recipe by KFC, it is now the world best and mostly known fast food restaurant. There are about 500 plus restaurants already running worldwide and more are on its way to get operated soon.

The Menu List of KFC:

This is the menu list provided by KFC in UAE;

  1. KFC Treats:

The KFC treat includes indulgent chocolate kream ball, caramel fudge kream ball, oreo krushems, milkybar krushems, skittles krushems, and maltesers krushems.

  • KFC Beverages:

The beverages of KFC includes, hot chocolate, tea, cappuccino, Americano, caramel or caramel latte, Tropicana, fruit shoot, all sizes of pepsi, and large cup of carbonated drink.

  • KFC Extras:

The extras of KFC include corn cobette large and regular cup, large and regular cup of gravy, BBQ beans large and regular cup, regular and large cup of coleslaw, large and regular pack of fries.

  • Meal Box by KFC:

The mean box by KFC includes variety meals in 2 pieces, regular cup of popcorn chicken along with fries and drinks.

  • KFC Snacking:

The snacking by KFC includes BBQ wrap, flamin wrap, regular and small cup of popcorn chicken, hot wings, and fillet burger.

  • Individual Items by KFC:

The individual items of KFC include four boneless dips, big daddy burger, popcorn chicken cup, and chicken pieces.

  • Kids Meal by KFC:

KFC serve kids by their popcorn meal and mini fillet meal.

  • Burritos and Wraps by KFC:

KFC offers zinger burrito, zinger twist wrap, fillet burrito and fillet twister wrap.

  • Bucket Sharing by KFC:

This bucket sharing meal includes wicket variety bucket that contains mini fillets and chicken pieces, bargain bucket having chicken pieces, party bucket, dipping boneless feast, fillets dips bar, family feast, and fillet dips bar.

  1. KFC One Person Meal:

The one person meals by KFC are boneless banquet, pieces of boneless dips, mighty bucket having chicken pieces, along with fries and drinks.

  1. Rice and Salad Box by KFC:

There is also salad and rice boxes by KFC that includes zinger salad, zinger rice box, original recipe salad, and original recipe rice box.

  1. Box Meals by KFC:

The box meals by KFC includes chicken pieces, big daddy burger, side dishes along with fries and drinks, chicken zinger, hot wings, cheese and bacon, chicken piece and fillet. Box meals also contain fries, drinks, chicken and side dishes.

  1. Burger Meals by KFC:

The burger meal variety by KFC is zinger tower, fillet tower, fillet, bacon and cheese along with drinks, burger and fries.

Halal Food by KFC Dubai

Mostly people claims about the Halal foods getting serve in Dubai KFC. So yes, the entire food getting serve in Dubai KFC are entirely halal for their consumers.

KFC is one of the most fast, efficient and largest delivery working networks liable to deliver their food in any part of UAE including Dubai. And yes, KFC is also an excellent competitor for McDonalds and pizza hut in the fast food dining market of UAE.

Actually KFC follows the quality working for the enhancement and grooming of their business. It is a great thing that whole across the seven emirates, it is enough to cater all.

Price List for KFC Dubai:

The price list of KFC Dubai is listed below;

  • 24 AED for dinner meal
  • 20 AED for twister box
  • 25.5 AED for zinger box
  • 30.5 AED for mighty zinger box
  • Chicken and strips meal is for 23.5 AED
  • Mighty Bucket is for 27.5 AED
  • 22.5  AED for rice bowl and chicken pieces
  • 120 AED for a bucket of 21 chicken pieces
  • 67.5 AED for 9 chicken pieces

Other Ranges:

  • 10 AED for snackers
  • 10.5 AED for go cup
  • 13 AED for snack box
  • 15 AED for munch box
  • 13 AED for twister box
  • 23.5 AED for box master
  • 23.5 AED for mighty zinger
  • 20 AED for original zinger
  • And 22.5 AED for supreme feast

However, the price range always varies according to your choice and meal you buy. And yes, the take away will be pricier than dine in price. Additionally, the packaging also costs extra and charges are included for every item.

There are websites giving a lot of offers for the delivery of KFC foods to your home. Zomato, swiggy and such others are food delivering companies who are working with KFC closely.

KFC always promises that the delivered food will always be hot and fresh at the time of delivery. And if the food get late delivered the then the customer will get refunded along with a free delivery for retaining.

Final Words:

It is a detailed guide to let you know most of the information about KFC meals and prices. Their menu is quite diverse and price list also ranges. So this information will help you a lot if you are a part of Dubai.

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